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Let your imagination run wild. Choose your themed afternoon tea from Tea With Mrs B

Afternoon Tea Made Different

Choose more than just a standard afternoon tea for your special occasion with one of our special, themed afternoon teas. Enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere of our tea room and tuck into delicious cakes, scones and sandwiches, with our afternoon tea that’s themed to suit you. From Beauty and The Beast and Alice in Wonderland to whatever theme your imagination can come up with, we’re sure you’ll have a magical time with us!

All Themed Afternoon Teas

Adults £17.50 - Child £9.50

enchanto afternoon tea

Encanto Afternoon Tea

Encanto themed afternoon tea is now Bookable, Whoa! But let's be clear, Mrs B runs this show - therefore you need to make sure you book, via telephone and sing along to your hearts content.

moana afternoon tea

Moana Afternoon Tea

'You're Welcome' Come and Join Moana, Maui & their friends for a fun and tropical Afternoon Tea at Tea with Mrs B. Get lost in the waves of your brew, singing your little heart out to your favourite songs & creating lovely family memories.
star wars afternoon tea

Star Wars Afternoon Tea

"Do or do not. There is no try." We now DO Star Wars Afternoon Tea, available to book Monday to Saturday. Added in a little of my favourite Jar Jar Binks, to join you on your journey of cosmic cake eating experiences.

pirates of the carribean afternoon tea

Pirates of the Carribean Afternoon Tea

“Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate.” Some is sprinkled in glitter & can be found in a little place in Mansfield Woodhouse! Adult mateys are 17.50 doubloons, children's are 9.50. They include your treasured decor, Afternoon Tea and unlimited Tea, coffee, juice and milkshake. Rum is extra... sorry!

rapinzel afternoon tea-2

Rapunzel Afternoon Tea

Come and join us at Tea With Mrs B and let your hair down with our Rapunzel themed afternoon tea. Served up in your very own frying pan is a selection of mouth watering sandwiches and a selection of sweet treats. All we ask is please dont whack anybody with the pan once your done! Hehehe!

Lego Afternoon tea-2

Lego Afternoon Tea

A creative Afternoon Tea for the whole family to enjoy. Served on stands made out of lego, lego cups for you to decorate and bricks made of chocolate. Get creative whilst you wait with our complimentary table lego to play with. The possibilities are endless...

disney princesses

Disney Princesses Afternoon Tea

Give your little princess a wonderful experience with our Disney princesses themed afternoon tea. With kids portions available and tasty treats fit for any royal gathering, your little ones are sure to have a ball. Let the kids get all dressed up in their princess finery and enjoy all the glitz and glamour of our gorgeous themed afternoon tea.

0010 - Tea with Mrs B (1) frozen

Frozen Afternoon Tea

Enter the frozen kingdom of your favourite tale, dress up as your favourite character and enjoy tasty treats and yummy sandwiches that are perfect for any brave heroine, princess or not, and all her friends. Everything is served on our beautiful themed plates and cups and you can enjoy the magical atmosphere of Tea with Mrs B’s that’s perfect for your kids and their snowmen friends, too.

snow white themed tea

Snow White Afternoon Tea

We promise you’ll be Happy with our beautiful Snow White themed afternoon tea, and you’ll find only scrumptious cakes and sandwiches here. No poison apples, we promise, and the Wicked Queen isn’t invited! Which one of the dwarves will you be, or will you dress like a princess and wait for your Prince’s kiss?

villains afternoon tea

Villains Afternoon Tea

Take tea in style with your henchmen in your super villain lair and develop your evil schemes and plots over our sumptuous afternoon tea. Enjoy wickedly tempting, delicious cakes, sandwiches and a naughty, whipped cream scone or two, fit to fuel any epic dastardly plot, and get you well on the way to taking over the world. Muahahahahaaaa!

mulan (1)

Mulan Afternoon Tea

Bring your great stone dragon along and fuel your tum with enough yummy treats to help you defeat an army with our beautiful Mulan themed afternoon tea. Be brave and try something new you haven’t tasted before or stick to your old favourites all served on our perfectly themed tea set.

mickey and friends (1)

Mickey and Friends Afternoon Tea

Join Mickey and Friends for a fun and friendly, perfectly mouse and friends themed afternoon tea. Be a little Goofy, dress up as Donald, put on your bow and ears and come along as Minnie, or just be yourself and have fun with all of your friends, enjoying our gorgeous cakes, scones and sandwiches on our themed afternoon tea set.

cinderella (1)

Cinderella Afternoon Tea

You’ll believe in more than just a little magic when you see our beautifully laid out Cinderella themed afternoon tea. Let us be your Fairy Godmother. We’ll wave our wands and let the kids have a ball at their very own Cinderella party that’s perfect for birthdays and treats alike, all served on our very special, themed tea plates.

0031 - Tea with Mrs B unicorn

Unicorn Afternoon Tea

Prance and trot your little princess or yourself off to tea with a majestic unicorn or two and enjoy the magic of our scrumptious unicorn themed afternoon tea. Hoof it over to Tea With Mrs B and delight in delectable cakes, scones and sandwiches bursting with amazing flavours and beautifully fresh ingredients. What a treat for your little unicorn!

lion king

Lion King Afternoon Tea

Leave your worries at the door and remember who you are with our stunning Lion King themed afternoon tea, full of tasty treats, yummy sandwiches and scones fit for any royal pride. Bring your little lion cubs along to run (a little) wild, play and enjoy, while you take tea in style using our beautiful themed tea set.

super mario

Super Mario Afternoon Tea

Wanna find yourself not in Brooklyn no more? Take the nearest portal to another world to enjoy our Super Mario themed afternoon tea, run, jump and play to fight the bad guy, rescue the princess and save the kingdom, all fueled by our gorgeous cakes, scones and sandwiches to give you plenty of energy for your quest.

lady and tramp

Lady and the Tramp Afternoon Tea

Why not share a plate of delicious food on the right side of the tracks, with our adorable Lady and the Tramp themed afternoon tea? The kids will be hounding you for this one, but we don’t think you’ll need much persuading to enjoy this pawesome treat of beautiful cakes and sandwiches, served on our perfectly themed tea set. We’re sure you’ll remember it furever.

willy wonka

Willy Wonka Afternoon Tea

You’ll feel like you’ve found your golden ticket and won your own visit to the chocolate factory, with our gorgeous themed afternoon tea that’s full of pure imagination and so many yummy goodies for you and your family and friends to enjoy. We’ll make the cakes taste good and all you have to do is show up and delight in the chocolatey goodness!


Superhero Afternoon Tea

Put on your secret identity, but make sure you pack your cape and mask, so you can fly your way to Tea With Mrs B’s for a super afternoon tea that’s fit for any hero. With delicious sandwiches, cakes so wicked they’ll even tempt the good guys, and scones positively bursting with fresh cream and jam, you can take a break and clean up your plate rather than the city. What’s your superpower?

lilo and stitch afternoon tea

Lilo and Stitch Afternoon Tea

Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten so why not bring your family & friends to enjoy a Lilo and Stitch themed Afternoon Tea. Pop on your flower garlands, sip from your stitch mugs or your pineapple cups and let Mrs B take you to a tropical Disney paradise.

mary poppins afternoon tea

Mary Poppins Afternoon Tea

Its practically perfect in every way, a spoonful of sugar really helps the tea go down in this Mary Poppins inspired Afternoon Tea you can enjoy this gorgeous afternoon tea experience. With lush cakes and scones, mouth-watering fresh sandwiches and unlimited cups of tea or coffee.

peter pan

Peter Pan Afternoon Tea

Don’t get Lost on the way to Tea With Mrs B’s because you’ll be Hooked by our fun Peter Pan themed afternoon tea. Enjoy gorgeous sandwiches, delicious cakes and scones, sprinkled with our very own fairy dust, that might even tempt that pesky crocodile away from chasing you. Pirates and fairies, lost boys and mermaids - who will you be?

wizard of oz

Wizard of Oz Afternoon Tea

Get blown away all the way to Kansas by our delectable cakes and our magical afternoon tea. Follow the yellow brick road with your favourite characters, family and friends, take tea with the Wizard and Munch(kin) away on our delicious, fresh sandwiches. Relax, unwind and enjoy your time in Oz.

mermaid themed afternoon tea

The Little Mermaid Afternoon Tea

Join us under the sea with our The Little Mermaid-themed afternoon tea. Your dreams don’t have to stay your dreams with this gorgeous afternoon tea experience. With lush cakes and scones, mouth-watering fresh sandwiches and unlimited cups of tea, any fan of this story is sure to love this themed afternoon tea.

beauty and the beast afternoon tea-2

Beauty and The Beast Afternoon Tea

Be our guest at Tea With Mrs B for our gorgeous Beauty and The Beast-themed afternoon tea. Enjoy our delicious cakes, scones and fresh sandwiches and, of course, a cup or three of our fantastic tea or coffee with your favourite characters from this heart-warming tale about the power of love.

toy story afternoon tea

Toy Story Afternoon Tea

You've got a friend in Mrs B with our Toy Story themed afternoon tea. With lush cakes and scones, mouth-watering fresh sandwiches and unlimited cups of tea, any fan of toy story is sure to love a afternoon with us.

Aladdin afternoon tea

Aladdin Afternoon Tea

Its a whole new world with our Aladdin themed afternoon tea. Come and enjoy our delicious cakes, scones and fresh sandwiches and, of course, a cup or three of our tea or coffee with your favourite characters from this enchanting tale.

harry potter afternoon tea-2

Harry Potter Afternoon Tea

Which house do you belong to? Put down the wands and the magic potions for a while and enjoy each other’s company with our absolutely wizard Harry Potter-themed afternoon tea. Drink from your house teacup, poured from our themed teapot, and devour our magical cakes and scones, before picking up your broom and flying back to the pages of your favourite book.

alice in wonderland afternoon tea-2

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

Drink me or Eat me? Why not choose both with our deliciously different Alice in Wonderland-themed afternoon tea? With delectable cakes and mouth-watering sandwiches all served with our Alice in Wonderland-themed tea service and an array of themed accessories, anyone who loves our heroine and her adventures will adore this afternoon tea. Don’t be late! 


Descendants Afternoon Tea

Will you choose to be good or bad? Maybe you can be both with our delectable afternoon tea that’s Descendants themed for fans of the film, big and small. Be good and play nice at tea, but indulge your wicked side with sinfully good cakes and naughty, cream-filled scones that are sure to put some magic into your event.

peter rabbit themed tea

Peter Rabbit Afternoon Tea

Dare you run into the vegetable garden and steal afternoon tea without getting caught? We’ll give you a hand and help you get home safe, with a whole lot of tasty treats that are perfect for kids and adults alike. But rather than lettuces, radishes and French green beans, tuck into our fresh sandwiches, yummy cakes and cream filled scones instead. Who could resist?

Plus Many More Themed Afternoon Teas ....

Simply give us a call on 01623 403575 for the full list of themed afternoon teas we offer!

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