Latest Covid-19 Guidelines

Re Opening Plans & Guidelines

We are so excited to share with you the guidelines to reopening Tea With Mrs B, and the changes that have been made. Please take the time to read them in depth. They aren't all great unfortunately, but weve done the best we can, with what weve got, and our biggest aim is still to help you make valuable memories, but safely & soundly. These will be outlined to you upon a booking, and we'll pop up visual snaps to help you visualise beforehand when were finished.
Here goes:
  • Throughout July we are only open Thursdays and Fridays 10am-4pm. (For various reasons, this will change as soon as we can) in August we will be open Wednesday to Saturday from the 12th August. We are closed 1st - 8th for a family holiday.
  • BOOKING ONLY (via Facebook, email & phone) - we cannot accept walk ins as we have limited seating & are working to a strict staggered time schedule. Booking will be open to the public on tuesday 7th, people cancelled back in march/april receive priority. We will need to take details of people in each party to help with the NHS track and trace service.
  • You will be asked to preorder your food/drinks on booking (This enables us to prepare immediately on your arrival giving you more time to enjoy & helps the kitchen staff member with preparations) we can direct you to our online menu to make this easier. We will ask for a deposit, that's refundable if cancelled, like usual, now more than ever, no shows will cripple the business. Please be respectful of this.
  • We can only accommodate 4 tables (by adhering to social distancing). These are a 4 seater, a 2 seater, a 5 seater (with space for 1 high chair) and a 4 seater (with space for 1 high chair). All 4 tables can remove a seat to accommodate a highchair, but the last 2 can have an extra space for a high chair. We cannot push any of these together.
  • Each table has 3 staggered booking slots. A 1 hour midmorning slot and 2 1.5 hour lunch/afternoon slots. These are to stagger entry between customers, allow cleaning time before and after each one and because we will only have 1 member of staff to look after you all front of house. Each slot is different, they cannot be changed, so please give us an estimated time you would like to arrive and we can let you know exactly what's available for your party size.
  • On arrival (At your exact time. Please try not to be early or late, you may have wait longer, going into your slot time) please knock, and a member of staff will open the door for you. You will be asked to sanitize your hands before being shown to your table.
  • You will notice clear masked out floor markings and walkways to tables and the toilet area. Each table will also be taped around. We ask you to remain seated at all times, including children, unless using the toilet facilities. If you need something, please give us a wave or shout if we haven't already been over to you as we are limiting table contact as much as possible. Do not approach the counter, we will come to you.
  • Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines. For the safety of yourselves, the staff and those around you. We wouldn't want anyone to fall ill.
  • Please do not attend the tearoom if you have any Coronavirus symptoms, or anyone within your household/bubble is self isolating. We can rearrange your cake date another time.
  • Our toilet area will be cleaned after each guest, and where not possible, as frequently as we can. We ask you kindly to wash your hands regularly, especially after using the facilities, pop the lid down when you flush, dry hands thoroughly with paper towels and dispose of them correctly.
  • Pushchairs are not to be brought inside, unless they are a small buggy/stroller that is taking the place of a chair, that we are aware of this beforehand and at your own risk. I apologise for this, as I know many mums love to come for tea & cake but we do not have the room to put them with the new walkways/social distancing in place. They will have to remain outside unfortunately if you do turn up with one that's not pre arranged. (Dont hate me, hate corona)
  • Our fire exit/side alley door is to remain open all day to improve ventilation. We will try to keep the room temperature as comfortable as possible however if you do get a little nesh, you may want to bring a cardigan
  • Parking is a nightmare, let's be honest. Theres very little room to park, please leave extra time to find a safe space before your slot begins enabling you to arrive on time. There are surrounding side streets that have plenty of space within a 5-10 minute walk.
  • Lastly, please be kind. We really are trying and have been working hard to make this a safe environment for everyone. If you have any concerns, please let us know directly and we will do our best to help you. Weve never had to do anything like this before, and its daunting. There will only be one member of staff in both areas, so we may be strapped, we might not have sat down for a while, you might be two teapots behind the last person, but we will do our best. I promise.
Any questions, please feel free to ask.
Take care, Stay safe and be kind.

Mrs B & Team x